Update on walking

Rachel is not walking yet. Whoever voted August 22 – 28, you may want to go back and change your vote. At times she seems quite close. The other day we were at Paul and Andrea’s house, and Rachel looked like she was seriously considering taking a step, but then she dropped and crawled. She now mostly crawls on her hands and feet, rather than on her hands and knees. Rachel loves walking behind and pushing her little car. Steering isn’t really her thing, though. Whenever she bumps into an obstacle, she gets pretty mad.

In other Rachel related news, she now can give a high-five. Like all of her skills, she does them when she wants to, not necessarily when I want her to.

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  1. Can’t remember exactly when her birthday is, but that little whirlwind won’t be able to resist the allure of all the places walking and running will get her for much longer.

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