Ba ba ba ba

Gabi’s favorite word (or is it words?) is “ba ba ba ba.” I’m not sure what it means, but I know that it is good. I know that because she only says it when she is not crying. Speaking of crying, Gabi seems to have arrived at a phase Rachel never had, wanting to be held all of the time. And not just held, but held by someone she knows. Most of the time that means me because I’m generally the one who is home with her. More than ever before, the Ergo Baby carrier that Faline and Ladawn (two of my sisters) gave me has been an absolute life saver!

Rachel keeps messing with my head. She gives me big time signals that she is totally ready to potty train, then she refuses to use the potty for a week. Then I decide to absolutely stop with potty training, then she asks to use the potty. What to do? I guess after I finish pulling my hair out, I’ll just try to go with the flow.

Now we are focusing on moving Rachel from her crib to her big girl bed. More on that in my next post.

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  1. The potty thing is totally normal. Rachel is just not sure she wants to grow up. My suggestion is to put her in pull-ups when she gets that way and let her figure it out.

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