On Monday Rachel said the prayer for both lunch and dinner. I had to help her quite a bit. I said one word, then she repeated it. I said “dear” then she said “dear.” I said “heavenly” then she said “buhbuhbuh”, and so on. When I said “thank you” she said “welcome!”

I gave Gabi puffs for the first time on Sunday. She made such a face when I put them in her mouth, but for the most part she put them away. I took a video, but during that video she spit it out.

Last night during Jeff’s birthday dinner she spent the whole time blowing razzberries and spitting. She has been so incredibly vocal these past couple of days!

Today at nap time, Rachel realized that she could climb out of her crib. I’m surprised it took her so long, as much as she likes to climb. I’m glad it took her so long, and wish it would have taken even longer. So I guess it is time to move to a bed. I don’t see how that will encourage her to stay in bed though! Anyway, she didn’t take a nap today. Until almost 5:30. Didn’t really help.

So this afternoon Rachel brought me a dress she wanted to wear. Then she wanted to wear a denim skirt. Then sh got me to help her put on her socks and sneakers. Then she started putting on her coat. Turns out she wanted to play outside. I made her put on some pants too. It was too nasty for Gabi to go outside, so I let Rachel go outside and play, and I just checked on her regularly. Once I went out to check on her, and this is what I saw.

By the time she came inside she was soaking wet, and cold, so we both took the opportunity to have some hot chocolate.

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