Baby got some brand new shoes

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything interesting, meaning stuff about Rachel. Well, Rachel got two new pairs of shoes. I bought them at Wal-mart. I bought her some new dress shoes, and some new sneakers. Wanna see them?

Sneakers – from the top

Sneakers – from the side
Sneakers – from the other side
Dress shoes – from the top
Dress shoes – from the side

So I was kind of disappointed in the selection at Wal-mart for sneakers. The girl’s sneakers were all white and pink with little sparkly jewels and stuff on them. I didn’t want that for sneakers, they were more dressy and fancy than the dress shoes. So the sneakers I ended up buying were actually boy sneakers, although in my opinion they are very gender neutral. Now before you go giving me a hard time about pink and sparkly for a little girl, bear in mind that these are sneakers, also known as play shoes. You know, they get muddy and yucky. Besides, there is pink on the dress shoes. Anyway, I though they were cute.

Of course new shoes for Rachel was not enough for her. She would rather wear my sneakers, or at least my sneaker.

Check out that belly!
I guess she figured my shoe was big enough for both of her feet.

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  1. I want to kiss that belly! I love the dress shoes. they are so cute. Loren would love them too. Although hers are tennis shoes are cute, yours suit her just fine!

  2. Love the girlie dress shoes. I LOVE shoes, which is why God gave me feet that are too big to fit into girly shoes. I think the pic of Rachel with both feet in your shoe is HILARIOUS!

  3. Yeah, I haven’t had much luck with Walmart shoes… Target seems to have a much better selection, a little more pricey, but a lot more to choose from. Of course, no matter how cute their shoes are, they will always want mom and dad’s instead!

  4. Michael likes Rachel’s feet in your sneakers. He thinks they’re hilarious! I thought for sure that after you showed Rachel’s belly, we might get a sneak peek of yours, too(ha, ha!).

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