Baby’s name

So I guess we’ve come up with a full name for the new baby. I noticed something about all of the suggestions I received. You just suggested your own name. Now were you really serious? Or were you just promoting yourself?

Anyway, the name is:

Gabriela Nicole Gosnell

The nickname of Gaby will be accepted (and used by me).

8 Replies to “Baby’s name”

  1. Yeah! What a lovely name. Terry’s already got me started on the great name debate, though I was going to try to wait this time. It never works. I just love picking out names!

  2. Great Name! Although, I’m disappointed that her initials do not spell anything! GAG, or GIG, or GUG, would have been oh so sweet! 🙂 I would have been okay with Gabriela Tricia Gosnell though! 🙂
    Oh, one L or two?

  3. Trish, there is 1 L in Gabriela, 1 L in Nicole, and 2 Ls in Gosnell, for a grand total of 4 Ls. Just like Rachel Lee Gosnell, and Noelle Gosnell. We want 4 Ls for everybody (except for Jeff who only gets a total of 3 Ls).

  4. I’m impressed you were able to come up with a name so quickly! Jason and I are usually still arguing about names while I’m in labor! Cute name, although for the record, you always had my permission to use Shanda, just in case that is what stopped you from using it.

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