Rachel is very independent sometimes

Yesterday evening Rachel and I went to Walmart. I wanted to buy her a cool mist humidifier. I bought a few other things as well, and was just about to buy some ice cream when Rachel indicated that she would love to get out of the cart and walk around. That was fine by me. Wear yourself out. You’ll sleep better. Well, she walked and walked and walked. And she mostly ignored me. I followed her, but she almost never checked to see where I was. (I ended up buying butter pecan ice cream after Rachel’s little jaunt.)

She really likes walking around, and generally speaking, she ignores me completely when she is walking around. I’ve got to really stay on my toes to keep her in my eyesight. She just seems to be so independent.


And then there are other times. We went to the Book of Mormon class this morning, and for the first time I decided to put her in the nursery with the other kids. I figured with how independent she is, she wouldn’t even notice that I wasn’t there.

Uh, no.

She lasted maybe 30 minutes. At that point a lady brought her in to me, and she had obviously been crying pitifully. But as soon as she saw me, she was happy as a clam. In one way it makes me happy. She does like having me around after all. But on the other hand, it’s time to start preparing her for nursery on Sundays. Not that I don’t love having her with me, but I don’t really get much out of either Sunday School or Relief Society these days.

Speaking of Sundays, this past Sunday I had a breakthrough. I put Rachel’s hair in ponytails. It’s not the first time, but it was the first time that I did a good job. They were even. It was a miracle. I call it the miracle of the fruit loops. She was in her high chair Sunday morning with fruit loops (to keep her occupied) while I did her hair. Usually she wiggles and squirms so much, and I end up making her cry because I’m pulling her hair, so I just give up. But this time, success!

The picture is not the best because it was taken after 3 hours of church, and 3 more hours of nap, but it was the best I could manage. But seriously, are those not the most impressive ponytails you have ever seen me pull off?

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  1. I let Rachel wander all night tonight at the church. Only after she spent 15 minutes in the gym, by herself (there were some people in there playing basketball), did she start to think… hey! where’s daddy? (Thanks, Randy, for bringing her back to me.)

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