Bones (the TV show)

So the TV show Bones has been a pretty decent one with interesting side stories. But it has come to a point where I have to say no more. The same as I did with Prison Break (it was getting psychotically disturbing). Anyway, why am I discontinuing my on-and-off again viewing of the show Bones? It is because they are trying to make a statement about the acceptance of homosexuality. And, yes, I do not accept homosexuality as an acceptable behavior. This is really unfortunate, I did enjoy the show. I can only remember a few of the advertisers during the show. One is Dairy Queen. I sent them an e-mail which is quoted below. I used this contact page to send the e-mail.

To the VP Marketing Communications:
Today I noted that you are advertising during a show, which up until this point, I enjoyed. Today, however, the show, “Bones”, introduced a topic that I find highly offensive and “in-your-face”. Especially in light of current political circumstances. I will no longer be watching the show Bones and would suggest you spend your advertising dollars elsewhere.
– a regular Dairy Queen customer,
Jeff Gosnell

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  1. I agree. It takes courage to stand up for family values when it comes to the topic of homosexuality, because society is trying to compare these kinds of views to racism. In my book, this does not compute. Those who struggle with homosexuality have a challenge to overcome. They should have our love and compassion but not societal permission to infringe on others values.

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