Well, I got a car. It’s your basic 2004 Honda Civic LX. I did look at a 2005 Honda Civic VP. But that’s a no frills car and it was too expensive for such a car (roll up windows, no automatic locks… it did have a CD player). But the car I got had 30,000 less miles, cost about $2000 more, but had everything that should be standard on a car… plus a nice extra feature – remote door lock. It’s a gray in color and fairly underpowered compared to my Camry V6… but then, I’ll be saving a lot on gas due to the mileage. I’ll have a picture tomorrow or soon.

Update: After further review, the template I originally chose, while visually pleasing to me, really messed up the placement of objects (like mail, comments, and link this page links). So, here’s a better template. Plus, it was expanded easily. If it’s still hard to read… increase your screen resolution to 1024×768 (by going to your Control Panel -> Display -> Settings tab -> Screen Resolution)

6 Replies to “Car”

  1. Ok, I won’t look at the baby or the hot guy, but I WILL check out the car. Fabulous choice, Jeff (and Noelle)!

    Oh, and I LOVE the new blog look (maybe because it looks VAGUELY familiar. 🙂

    Ok, really is the word verification that you and Noelle both have REALLY necessary, because I did NOT major in typing random letters. . . (I keep messing up!)

  2. No, I guess not. I’ve removed the Captcha requirement. (That’s what those random letter/number things are called… captcha’s)

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