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7:00 am – I fed Scout and took him outside to do his business. (It’s one of those not-for-profit businesses.) There was just a hint of warmth in the air. I thought, “Maybe I’ll take Rachel and go to the zoo today. It is such a nice day.”

7:30 am – I took the contents of Rachel diaper pail outside to the dumpster. It was sprinkling. It is amazing how just a little rain makes it feel so much colder. I thought, “Maybe we won’t go to the zoo.”

8:00 am – Jeff and I were just sitting down for breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios and Orange Juice). Rachel was still asleep. All of the sudden there was a long rumble of thunder, then hail was falling from the sky. I thought, “Cool. Where’s the camera?”

So here is a photo of the hail falling in our back yard.

Rachel is kind of an active sleeper

Rachel likes to roam around a lot in her sleep. I always put her down to sleep following the long axis of the crib (the 12:00 position of the clock). When I get her out of bed she is always rotated as far as possible. If the crib were wider she could probably make it all the way around in a 360 degree circle. As it is, she is just too tall, so she gets stuck at about 2:00 position. Very rarely she sleeps so completely soundly that she is in the same position when I get her up that she was in when I put her down. Typically, though, she looks like this in the morning (notice her arm is even poked through the rails of the crib):


Jeff’s dad called the other day and invited him to go to the U of L/Notre Dame basketball game which was last night. Then, yesterday afternoon he called me to say he had one more ticket available, and did I want to go too (with Rachel). So we got to go to the game. It was a great game. It started with U of L very much in control. They had a fantastic 1st half. The 2nd half was going pretty well until the end when Notre Dame started hitting all kinds of threes that they hadn’t been hitting the whole time. U of L struggled at the free throw line. It was getting kind of dicey with just a few minutes to play. U of L had a few break away dunks, and they held on for a 90 – 85 victory. It was a lot of fun.

Rachel slept through the entire 1st half, but saw the 2nd half. I’m pretty sure she is going to be a great ball player pretty soon.

Working Out

Back around Thanksgiving I started attending a yoga class. We had to miss several weeks in a row due to bad weather and illness, but last Wednesday we got together again after missing about a month. During that month I started thinking that I need to get more serious about getting exercise, so I decided to attend my Tae Kwon Do class again. (I used to practice TKD quite a lot, but my schedule got to be too demanding after I got married, so my attendance became erratic at best.) So the same Wednesday that I went to yoga after missing a month, I returned to TKD after missing a few years. May I just say that I am SORE! I feel muscles on my ribcage that I didn’t know I had.

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  1. hey noelle

    i love blogs

    you guys seem to be doing great

    i love the pics and i think your zoo story is funny

    im way over involved right now and loving it

    gotta run!


  2. Most mornings when Meg was Rachel’s age I would find her with her head under the bumper pad. In hind-sight I guess I should have taken the bumper pad out. You live and learn as a mom. Maybe Rachel’s just dreaming about exploring.

    That hail storm was a trip!!! That was a great picture. Thanks for the info. on the new LDS website.

    Hopefully the weather will soon be “zoo” weather every day. I can’t wait.

  3. Okay Noelle–I hope you receive this comment–you know how computer literate I am!! I love your blog and love seeing Rachel growing up! Also, I wish we lived closer so Scout and Teddy could be friends. If I ever figure out how to put pictures in e-mails I’ll send you a picture of Teddy so Scout can check him out.

  4. Okay, I don’t know how to get my name on my comment–so your Mom Kathy sent that last bit of nonsense.

  5. Noelle,
    Great blog. It’s great to see you as well as posting emails. I’m putting you in my favorites.
    Uncle Si

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