Early Morning Surprise

Okay, it wasn’t that early, but it was not expected. At 8:30 this morning the nurse assistant came in and said, “let’s go to Maternal Fetal Medicine for your ultrasound.” I had no idea I was supposed to have an ultrasound today. Usually I know it is coming, but not this time. They told me it was to check my fluid. My fluid is fine. It is 13 cm. That’s good. They completely made the trip worthwhile because the ultrasound tech decided to take a couple of 3D pictures. I can’t post them just yet, but I’ll give them to Jeff so he can scan them in and post them here. I’ve gotta say, that Gaby is a cutie pie. Her face is partially blocked by the placenta, but you can see pretty well.

Dr. Wilson came in to see me this afternoon. Not much new, we just talked about if I would go home at 34 weeks (this Monday) or not. I should put up a poll. I asked Dr. Wilson about why the ultrasound this morning, but she didn’t really know. The nurse came in a little later and cleared it up. She said that Dr. Case ordered it yesterday because Gaby was apparently messing with her cord, thereby causing fluctuation in her heart rate, so she wanted to check the fluid level, which was fine.

I ended up having two shots of terb yesterday. So far none today, but I will be monitored two more times still, and I am far from confident that I will dodge it.

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  1. I love how things have changed what a surprise to see new walls and a hall or two it that kind of excitement that makes it all worth it. keep smilen

  2. Im glad it was a good surprise.:)I can’t wait to see the pics–tell Jeff to hurry! Do YOU think you will go home on Monday? what is your gut feeling . . .

  3. My gut feeling? No. The issues as far as I know, are has my cervix changed at all in the past 2½ weeks? Will I be able to be sufficiently compliant with Rachel around? Will I know when to come back?

    1. I have enough contractions that I have had at least one shot of terb nearly every day. And those are the ones they notice when I’m on the monitors. What about when I’m not on? Have those contractions affected my cervix? Probably.

    2. I can promise to definitely try to be compliant, but I failed the first time around, so I don’t know how much faith they will have in me the second time around.

    3. I don’t feel confident that I will know when to come back. Hopefully I will, but I’m not really sure.

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