Just Another Day

To keep my contractions to a minimum, I have three jobs. 1. Stay hydrated (drink a lot of water), 2. keep my bladder empty (go to the bathroom a lot), 3. Lay on my side (self explanatory). I woke up this morning at 3:45 with the desire to comply with my second job. In the process I accidentally knocked the cup of water on my bedside table onto the bed. I don’t know how much water was in the cup, but it was enough to make my bed uncomfortably wet. So when the nurse came in at 4:00 to give me my pill, I asked her for a new blanket. I was able to get through the rest of the night okay, but my heart went out to all those 4 and 5 year olds who deal with wet beds. (I promise in my case it was a cup of water. I made it to the bathroom just fine.)

When I woke up for the morning I took a shower and got my bed made, so now I am happily lying in a dry bed again.

I managed to not get a shot of terbutaline yesterday, but not so this morning. When I was on the monitor this afternoon my uterus was fine, but my back was killing me. Thankfully it wasn’t the kind of back pain that was indicative of labor, it was just from lying in bed for a really long time. I hate to complain, but seriously, my back is just about done for. The nurse gave me Tylenol and a hot pack, so it’s a little better now.

At 6:15 PM my doctor still hadn’t come in to see me. I thought maybe I had missed her because I slept through it or something. Dr. Horlander is on today, and she was at the desk when I called. She called me back and gave me a hard time, just for fun. As it turns out, she was just getting put through the wringer in Labor and Delivery. She delivered six babies today – all boys. That is why she was so late doing rounds. She said that average is probably two. She said that I am doing well, but I should expect to continue to have the occasional contractions, therefore the occasional terbutaline shot. I guess “occasional” means daily.

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  1. There appears to be a full moon tonight. Maybe that explains all the births today. Let’s try to keep Gaby in until the next full moon though. You are doing a great job Noelle. Who knew that laying around could be such back breaking work!

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