Failure is underrated

This morning I took the fetal fibronectin test. (I don’t recommend it.) It’s one of those tests where at this current time, a negative result is good. I took the test at about 10:00, and the results came back two hours later. Yay! I failed! That means that there is a 99% chance that the baby will not be born in the next week to 3 weeks. Tomorrow I am having an ultrasound, and if they like what they see there I will be able to go home. So I’ll be back in my own comfortable bed.

If I do in fact get to go home, which I am starting to feel confident about, I will be under a lot of restrictions. I need to duplicate my hospital lifestyle, meaning that I still have to stay in bed all of the time. I can’t pick up Rachel, I can’t do laundry, I really can’t do anything. When I get my discharge instructions I will ask in more detail about my restrictions, but everything I have heard so far, from both doctors and nurses, is stay in bed, don’t do anything!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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  1. Yay Noelle! Even if you will still have to be in bed, being home will be wonderful! I’ll keep you in my prayers. Thank you to everyone again who is taking care of my sister and her family. xxxooo!

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