Friday was a good day.

Friday was a good day. Jeff went to the U of L/Arizona Sweet 16 game in Indianapolis. I was really glad that Jeff got that special treat, and to make it perfect U of L won. Make that they crushed Arizona. I know that some people like close games because they are more exciting, but I like games where my team wins easily. It is better on my heart. The downside is that he didn’t get home until 3:00 a.m.

I had a good day on Friday too. A while back I discovered that I can have ice cream just by asking. The flavors are limited to chocolate and vanilla. The only way to get novelty flavors is by getting a visitor to go to the cafeteria and buy one for me. But yesterday the food and nutrition lady managed to get me an Andes Candies mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. She said that was likely a one-time-only thing, but I really enjoyed it.

Baby Gaby was pretty active yesterday. She was kicking up a storm! When they have me on the monitors, they keep me on for 30 to 60 minutes, but especially they like the last 5 minutes of the fetal heart monitor to show the baby’s heart really well. That’s difficult because over the course of 30 minutes to an hour she can move around quite a lot. Last night the nurse came in to take me off the monitor, but was going to just hold the fetal monitor in place to get the last few minutes to show the heart beat. Baby Gaby was not interested in holding still at all. The nurse finally just gave up because baby Gaby was swinging from the rafters (my ribs?) and she just could not locate the heartbeat for long enough for it to do any good. No worries, though, because we got plenty of heart beat monitoring earlier.

My doctor came in to see me today. She decided to move up the fetal fibronectin test to tomorrow. Then on Monday I will have an ultrasound. Then I might be able to go home either Monday or Tuesday. Or not. She felt fairly confident that I would be okay to go home next week, so we’ll see.

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