My sister Ladawn came to visit with her husband Wayne, and two of her kids, Rhett and Chelsea. They came to be here for Gabi’s baby blessing. So far I am really enjoying their visit. They arrived yesterday evening. We had pizza, then Ladawn went to work cleaning and organizing my kitchen. She also cut my hair and Rachel’s hair. Rachel’s hair doesn’t really look any shorter. It is layered so it is easier to get out the tangles in the back. Most importantly, I think I can replecate Ladawn’s technique so I can do it myself in the future.




They had traveled all night the previous night, so they were pretty tired that evening, so they went back to their hotel for a good night’s sleep. They came back the next morning and Wayne made crepes. He’s pretty famous for his crepes. He served his LDS mission in Belguim, and acquired the ability, and he has continued to hone his skill over the years. This morning we were the beneficiaries. I’m serious, they are so good!

While Wayne was making the crepes, Rhett mowed the grass, and Chelsea vacuumed the floor. (They are seriously the best guests!)

Now we are waiting for Jeff’s brother Paul and his wife Andrea, who are also coming for the blessing. Also my Dad and his wife Harriet will be here tonight.

Last Wednesday I had a lactation consultant come to the house. She was helpful, but I still need to continue to supplement, at least for a while still. We went back to the doctor’s office on Friday to weight Gabi. Remember that last Friday we weighed her to see how she did without any supplement, and she had lost 1½ ounces from Monday to Friday. From Friday to the following Friday (yesterday), she gained 13 ounces. She now weighs 8 lbs. 11 oz.

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  1. wow! you need to invite them more often! lucky girl Noelle!
    I wish I were there too. You are in our thoughts and we love you and love those sweet babies! oh, and jeffro too!
    Enjoy family!

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