Gabi’s Special Day

Today Gabi was blessed. She was beautiful in her long white dress. In the circle was Jeff, my Dad who came from Utah, my brother-in-law Wayne who came from Texas, Jeff’s brother Paul who came from Utah, Jeff’s Dad, brother Brian, brother-in-law Jarrod, Uncle Larry, and his Grandfather and my friend Brother Gálvez, as well as Bishop Hicks. Afterward we took pictures in front of the temple.

In the afternoon we went to Jeff’s parents house for a nice family dinner and get together. Since all of the Gosnell grandkids were present, we took advantage of the opportunity and took some pictures of them.

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  1. Your girls are so adorable! I'm sorry we had to miss the blessing. I feel I should warn you that a visit from the Ludlows is probably in your future. At some point. Maybe.

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