Fighting back

In our family’s attempt to combat the evil oil companies, or the idiots in Congress who won’t approve drilling for oil, or the socialist environmentalists, or whoever you feel like blaming for the ridiculously high price of gas, Jeff has been riding his bike to work nearly every day. It used to be weather permitting, but he is deciding that weather permits more often than it used to. I also am making my bike suitable for baby transport. I bought a baby carrier to attach to my bike, and bought Rachel a bike helmet. At first I didn’t know how she would take to wearing the helmet, but she seems to have gotten used to it.

Those of you who know of my aversion to the color pink will plainly see that I do not seek to unduly influence Rachel. We gave the the choice of pink or yellow. She had kind of a hard time deciding. She went back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, but finally went for the pink.

One of my piano students is going out of town this next week to the beach, so they decided to get rid of some of their perishable foods. I got a bunch of fresh blueberries. Of Friday morning we enjoyed blueberries in our breakfast cereal, and on Saturday I made waffles. If you combine the best waffle maker I have ever used with the best waffle mix (no, I didn’t make it from scratch), with fresh blueberries, you get some really delicious waffles.

This is an actual photograph of an actual waffle that I actually made in my very own kitchen. I know, you’re jealous!

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  1. cute Biker Babe! Looks like fun and that is what you and Rache are all about! Your waffle looks delicious! I want a bite right this very second! Just look at it, it looks like it has melted buttah too! scrum nummers!

  2. I pretty much look like that on my bike when I go to work… well, I wear a little nicer shirt (not a T). Oh, and the grunting, I don’t really grunt… much, unless I’m heading to Gary’s office in which I have to climb a long, steep hill.

  3. mmmmmmm i think i prefer the blueberry pancakes we had friday night, but it does look good!

    my mom (or dad) used to drive me around sometimes in a bike like that when I was a baby

  4. Way to stick it to the man! Fight the power! Ride your bike! I gotta tell you, the picture and description of the waffle is almost enough to entice me to visit. Almost.

  5. Rachel is so cute in that helment! Don’t feel bad about putting her in pink, she’s a girl your supposed to put her in pink!!

  6. It is fun to see what old friends are up to through their blog. I hope you do not mind me catching up in this way. I just started a blog myself and found your blog from someone elses. I love this entry. We too, take our bike instead of our car to many places. My baby seat is actually in the front and my boy Lendl loves it. Maybe we can convince more people to take a stand.

    Rachel is a doll and looks really cute in her helmet!

  7. mmmmmm come make some for me! And I used to LOVE riding with Kayla on the back of my bike. I even rode with her when I was 8 months prego with Sienna. People used to think I was CRAZY–well, I am, I guess. . .

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