I am learning (slowly)

Today I harvested my first (and rather small) crop of green beans from my garden. (Yeah!) Rachel was the proud consumer of my first produce of 2008. We had gotten a food processor for our wedding, but had not used it yet. Well, I pulled it out today, and used it to chop up Rachel’s green beans, and she ate them fairly well.

I anticipate much choppage of carrots and peas and who knows what else for Rachel’s consumption int he not too far distant future.

In other exciting garden news, the tomatoes are looking good. Here is a picture of one of my cherry tomato plants:

And finally here is my biggest tomato (so far). To put it into perspective for you, it is slightly larger than a golf ball.

This turned out to be a very green colored post, so to add some color, here’s a little sweetie.

2 Replies to “I am learning (slowly)”

  1. Green is good, got any extra?

    How is it that your plants seem to flourish much more than ours.

    Have you sabotaged our produce? Hmmm methinks suspicion is in order

    Fresh green beans are always good though..

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