Finally some sunshine

We had a very nice weekend. Finally some sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, that is Rachel’s new nickname. Here’s how I came to it – Rachel –> Ray Ray –> Ray –> Ray of Sunshine –> Sunshine. So that’s it. Besides, she is my sunshine, even on rainy days.

Here are a couple of cute pics of my little Sunshine:

Some exciting gardening news, I have little tiny baby lettuce plants. I can just taste the fresh garden salad. Mmmmm. And just think of the BLTs that come from my garden. The only problem is that I haven’t been able to find any bacon seeds to plant.

10 Replies to “Finally some sunshine”

  1. If you want me too, I can find a little piggy to live in your backyard –that little piggy grows bacon without soil. Pretty amazing!

  2. That would be a great idea, Holly, but I have researched it a little, and the harvesting of the bacon from the piggy sounds a little unpleasant to me.

  3. How do you like the name, Kiran (pronounsed Kee-run), which means a ray of sunshine in Hindi… “A rose by any other name…”, she’s still a cutie.

  4. I have to say, I’m impressed you already have your garden in and that it’s sprouting. I am still in the ‘thinking about how I’m going to do it’ phase!

  5. Marla, that was me last year. I spent last year figuring out and learning. This year I am far from an expert, but I hope I am at least a little bit better. Around here most things go in the ground around Derby Day (after that last frost). Lettuce, though, is frost hardy, and last year I planted it too late. Hopefully my crop will be a little better this year.

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