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Well, I had a pretty decent day today. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. With both Noelle and I (and Rachel) getting home after 11:00 PM last night and Noelle and I failing to get to bed before 1:00 AM two nights in a row, I was feeling pretty rundown. So, I sat at work and did the things I needed to do (which was install the same piece of software about 8 to 10 times in different ways to make sure it was working properly.)

After work, I went and played basketball with my co-workers and I did pretty decently. I drained several 3 pointers and made some excellent passes. I got some really good exercise in today and now I’m very worn out.

Although, it was my lunch hour (which, due to slow service, turned into 1.5 hours… oops.) (Also, click any of the pictures for an interesting link.) Anyway, a couple of my co-workers asked what I was doing this weekend. At first, I responded with my typical “not much”, but then I said, “Not really. My church is having its world-wide conference this weekend.” They then asked what the conference was all about and I told them. They showed a bit of interest and I casually mentioned what times the sessions were on and which station it was on. Perhaps they will catch a little bit of it.

Anyway, this all lead into a deeper discussion about what our temples were all about, how they were different from church buildings. I also recounted a bit of the history and told them how we feel about the history of Christ’s church from Jesus’ time forward. (Although, Sodom and Gomorrah came up and I did mention Moses.) We also had a discussion about the what would allow person in the temple. Being a member in good standing is what I said. They then asked a very good follow-up question, “What does ‘being in good standing’ mean?” So, I we talked about the Word of Wisdom, murder, and abstinence from sexual relations outside of marriage (and, yes, even before we’re married, even if it is with our fiance.) But I did mention that repentance was always available. And even though it is difficult, a person is able to go into the temple after repenting of these sins. (It just takes (1) realizing what you did was wrong, (2) feeling sorry for it and (3) promising never to do that wrong again.) It was a good discussion.

One of the ladies mentioned that she tried to have similar discussions with other co-workers where she worked previous (they having been Protestants, probably) but she wasn’t able to learn anything because they hardly knew anything about how they believed in Christ other than that they went to such-and-such church.

Oh, I had almost forgotten. At the end of playing basketball, another one of my co-workers asked me the same thing, about my weekend, and I responded the same way. He knows several other members and has had discussions with them in the past. So our conversation wasn’t as lengthy (besides we were watching our friends play ball). But I was able to tell him how President Hinckley died recently and a new prophet took his place and that a new Apostle would be announced. He asked how the new people were chosen, was it by an election or committee vote? I told him we firmly believe that Christ is the person who choses the next prophet, that it is usually the senior apostle, but it didn’t have to be. Then the Prophet studies out his choices, receives inspiration from Christ, and chooses the next Apostle.

This just goes to show you how easy it can be to take advantage of a simple question and help people understand a little more about the Church.

Oh, have I mentioned I’m really pretty worn out and sore?

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  1. Nice post. No rantings, good missionary work. You are such a nice guy! If I weren’t already married to you, I’d do it again. I hope nobody else is reading my private communications with you. If they are, here is my message to them: Mind your own business! Just kidding.

  2. Good job on not sticking with the “not much” reply. Perhaps I can have a similar conversation with some of the parents at Sabrina’s soccer game this afternoon.

  3. thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really enjoyed your post and had a similar experience teaching someone about what conference was and why we listen. I think it is fun to share–although, you were impressive with all that you talked about. Way to go!!

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