Five Months Old

It is amazing how quickly time flies! It just seems like a few days ago that I posted on Rachel’s four month birthday, but today she is five months old. I can’t believe it.

I took Rachel to the doctor yesterday. It wasn’t her regular check-up, but she had a little problem that I wanted the doctor’s opinion about. Everything is fine, but I do need to treat a little personal issue she has. This is hardly the place to discuss it in detail! I bring up the doctor’s appointment because they weighed her. We didn’t take off her diaper or her onesie, so we need to take that into account, but the diaper was clean (I had just changed the biggest poopie in the history of the planet!). She weighed 20 lbs even. Un-believable. I have asked her I don’t know how many times to STOP GROWING! But she just goes on growing like my request means nothing. She is so cute, though, don’t you think?

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