Fourth of July Weekend

The 4th of July started on the 3rd of July for us. Jeff had Friday (the 3rd) off from work, so we went swimming together in the morning. It was a really nice day. Not very hot at all. Of course the water was a bit chilly, and it wasn’t really hot enough for us to appreciate it, but the most important thing is we (especially Rachel) had fun. Rachel is unfortunately growing up and getting more independent. The place where we went swimming has a slide. The big kind. Rachel climbed up the (tall) ladder all by herself. Of course either Jeff or I were right behind her, but she didn’t need any help. I still don’t trust her to go completely on her own. The more successful she is, the less likely she is to be careful, so she can expect one of us to be trailing her every time.

In the evening we went to a baseball game to see the Louisville Bats play the Indianapolis Indians. We won (1-0). Rachel really had a good time.

Gabi was really into it too.

She woke up after a while, and wowed the crowd with her incredible cuteness.

Today unfortunately it rained pretty much all day. It was too bad, though, just light sprinkles. We went to the zoo this morning. By far the best exhibit today was the penguins. They were so playful – swimming back and forth, jumping into the water. Rachel absolutely loved them. She screamed with delight – right into Jeff’s ear (which he did not love as much). But there was no denying that Rachel was having a good time. She also really liked the fish and the big cats we saw.

Jeff cooked hot dogs on the grill (in spite of the rain), and at night we lit fireworks (the legal kind). All in all, it was a great holiday.

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  1. I'm glad you found that link! I was trying to find a recap on the courier-journal's website and didn't find it. Now I know how the 1 run was scored (on an error'd overthrow to third base as the Bats' player was stealing it. … He got away with it and Home plate. The game was pretty much over then, because how can you play the game with only two bases?)

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