Full Days

Wow! We’ve have a couple of really full days. On Thursday we drove to Lexington to spend the afternoon with Jeff’s sister Trish and her three kids. We went to the pool and had a lot of fun. Rachel even went off the diving board. She really wanted to follow her cousins’ example and they were jumping and flipping like crazy. But once she started she chickened out. So Trish walked Rachel out to the end of the board while I treaded water under the board. Trish eased Rachel off and dropped her the last foot or two, and I caught her. She really liked it, but didn’t want to go again.

That evening we brought Trish’s kids back home with us so they could spend the weekend with their Grandparents.

Friday morning we all went to the zoo. The older kids went on the Sky Trail, and the rest of us went to see the fish, snakes, lizards and turtles in the Herpaquarium. After that we went to the Splash Park. Then lunch and some time on the playground. We saw the new exhibit for the seals. We had a great time, and Rachel and Gabi wore themselves out. On the way home they both zonked out.

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