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I got a phone call yesterday from a lady inviting me to go with her and her two kids to the science museum. I gratefully accepted the invitation because it’s always fun to do something with a friend. In the past I had always held back my enthusiasm for the science museum. For something that was supposed to cater to young people, it seemed rather drab. My opinion changed when my mother-in-law introduced me to the kid’s zone. It is a great area that the kids really have a lot of fun in. Today, however, I am enthusiastically endorsing the science center. They have a display to teach about the body. The display has a Sesame Street theme, so it is very colorful and bright, but my favorite part was the obstacle course. Rachel and Gabi both had a ball playing there, especially Rachel. We could have spent hours there. This display will be there until the end of the year, so I hope we go back a lot over the next several months.

I don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures there. I guess I wasn’t thinking. Hopefully I’ll go back soon, and my brains will be more functioning and I’ll get more pictures next time.

The other day I went to an activity at church. They had child care available, so I left Rachel and Gabi in the nursery. I was a little nervous leaving Gabi because she can be so clingy sometimes, and I didn’t want her crying the entire time. When I came back to pick them up I was happy to see that Gabi was having a great time playing on the sit n spin, and took several minutes to even notice that I was back.

We are making some progress with Rachel potty training. For the past two weeks I have been rewarding her with “water stickers” (our name for temporary tattoos because the get stuck on with water). We have been enjoying some success. Rachel has willingly sat on the potty when I ask her to. Previously she would sometimes really kick and scream to avoid sitting on the potty. Anyway, I think I have figured out one of the reasons that Rachel is just not quite ready to potty train completely on her own. She wants to wear diapers, just like Gabi. I think when it’s time to potty train Gabi it will be easier because she wants to sit on the potty just like Rachel.

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  1. The word museum, to me, also sounds kind of boring, but to my kids, it means fun and excitement. A couple of weeks ago, Joey said, "I just love museums" (after a weekend of attending 3 of them in a row). Shocked the pants off me!

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