Gabi is 11 months old

Yesterday Gabi turned 11 months old. I know I say the same thing every month, but it stays true! I cannot believe she is 11 months old. In one month she will be 1 year old. Amazing!

Gabi has been growing up a lot. She really likes to walk around holding my fingers. My back feels like she could go on forever. She went through a time when she really struggled falling asleep at nap time. She is doing so much better falling asleep now, though. Unfortunately she doesn’t sleep for very long at nap time. She does sleep well at night, though. Rachel is just the opposite. She sleeps great at nap time, but takes forever to fall asleep at night. Gabi has also been a lot more clingy than Rachel was. Although interestingly Rachel is more clingy now than she was as a baby.

Gabi is very ticklish, and you are guaranteed a laugh when you tickle her almost anywhere on her body. She adores her big sister. Rachel can make her laugh without even trying. Rachel is often very protective and sweet to Gabi too. She makes sure that Gabi has a toy to play with, and will give her hugs and kisses too.

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