Gabi is 2 months old

Today Gabi is two months old. She doesn’t have her two-month-old check-up until Monday, so check in then to see her vital statistics (height, weight, general health). To celebrate Jeff and I took her to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I smuggled food in for her under my shirt, but other than eating, she just slept through the whole thing. Jeff and I enjoyed it, though. Rachel stayed home with a babysitter.

Speaking of Rachel, I bought her a baby doll stroller. An excellent purchase, and worth every penny as she loves it. I also bought her some dress up shoes. These pictures are so cute and so funny.

In the potty news, Rachel has pee-peed in the potty two times.

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  1. Yours kids are gorgeous. Thanks for the updates and especially the pictures. We love them. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Kelly told us that it should be all right to fly there on Saturday and return on Tuesday (we will try for Monday). We will let you know our ETA later.

  2. I love Rachel's shoes! It must have been so funny watching her walk around in them! How was Harry Potter? We haven't seen it yet – we're planning on going one day next week. Gabi is getting cuter and cuter, and so is Rachel, of course!

  3. I liked the Harry Potter movie. There were some noticeable deviations from the book (no surprise), but overall I enjoyed it.

    Rachel absolutely LOVES shoes. It is hilarious watching her in them.

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