Gabi is eight weeks old

Today Gabi is eight weeks old (not to be confused with two months old – that is still several days away).

I can’t remember exactly what Rachel was doing at this age. I do remember that it was at about six weeks old that she got her days and nights straightened out, but Gabi didn’t really have that. Once she was eating well, she started sleeping at night better.

I do remember that at 1 month old, Rachel was ready to wear 3-6 month clothes. Gabi is still wearing the same stuff she was wearing when we brought her home from the hospital. Not much longer, though. She’ll be ready for 0-3 month clothes pretty soon.

And here’s Rachel, enjoying her spaghetti dinner.

I’m really proud of Rachel. She is a great big sister. When Gabi cries she says “shhh” and puts her finger to her lips. She gives kisses, and enjoys bouncing her in the bouncy seat.

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