Gabi is 9 months old (yesterday)

It is hard to believe that Gabi is 9 months old. It is amazing how time has flown by. Today she had her 9 month check-up. If I weren’t so frazzled and discombobulated all of the time, I would have remembered to post a poll where you could guess Gabi’s weight now that she is 9 months. I guess I’ll just tell you. So here are Gabi’s vital statistics:

height: 27½” (50%)
weight: 19 lbs. 1.5 oz. (55%)
head circumference: 17¼” (50%)

She is healthy and strong. Her iron is slightly low, so I need to give her vitamins with iron. Otherwise, she is doing a good job. The doctor wants me to make sure she gets plenty of practice with a sippy cup, and let her stand up holding on to the couch or something.

“You want me using a sippy cup Doc? No problema!”

Gabi enjoys the snow. We got another 6″ or so yesterday.

After playing in the snow, Rachel enjoyed playing in a box. It was warmer in there than outside.

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