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I am not a very creative person, so I really need some ideas from all of you (smart, clever and creative) friends. With all of this snow, we are pretty much stuck inside of the house. Rachel will play outside for a little while, but Gabi is too little to play outside, so I just hold her the whole time, so I can’t really play with Rachel. So we are mostly inside. We are all bored. I can handle it, but Rachel is feeling it. I need some ideas for ways to keep her entertained, while still keeping Gabi out of trouble. I got the idea of making some puppets, so I’ll try that, but I would love to hear some other ideas too.


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  1. have them put on swim suits and let them splash in the bathtub for awhile. The swim suits make it seem different from a bath. Pretend like it is summer poolside.

  2. 1. Homemade play-dough is always fun
    2. Shaving cream finger painting
    – put about a cup of shaving cream into a gallon size ziplock bag with a few drops of food coloring. Make sure to get all of the air out of it. Flatten out completely and tape it down to the table. I turns into a kind of dry "erasable" finger painting.

  3. Found your blog via Holly's.

    We loved to make blanket tents. Some times I would just drape the blanket over our dinning table. For my girls they would take dolls, books and puzzles to play with. I would serve a snack. Yes, it is a mess to clean up. But allowed me some good play time when we were stuck inside on snow days.

  4. Thanks everybody for your ideas. They will be a big help.

    Jenny, thanks for coming to my blog. You don't know me, so I'll just let you in on a little secret. My house is always a mess to clean up. Your idea shouldn't cause any change in the status quo at all.

  5. Putting Play-Doh in a ziploc bag and letting Rachel play with it is alot of fun.

    If you have water-based paint, Q-tips, and paper, I'll bet Rachel would love to paint. I used to put one of Tony's old shirts on MIchael with a bunch of newspaper spread all over so he could thoroughly enjoy painting!

    If you have any spray bottles to spare, put a little food coloring in with the water and let Rachel spray the snow all different colors.

    I also have a book that tells of alot of ideas of what to do with toddlers indoors. I'll see if I still have it and send it to you.

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