Halloween 2011

After 4 separate and distinct Trick or Treat outings, I think we have plenty of candy.

Outing #1 – The Worlds Largest Halloween Party at the Louisville Zoo.
Outing #2 – Our ward’s trick or treat. This year we did it a little different. Instead of “trunk or treat” in the parking lot going to the different cars, people decorated the classrooms and handed out treats at each different classroom.

Outing #3 – We crashed Jeff’s mom’s ward’s trunk or treat.

Outing #4 – Halloween night we went to Jeff’s mom’s house and went trick or treating in her neighborhood. She lives in a more rural area, so we walked a little bit further between houses. It was good for 2 reasons – 1. Since those houses don’t usually get as many trick or treaters, each house gave out quite a bit of candy. The last house dumped several handfuls in each girl’s bag. 2. The girls had to walk further, and that night they crashed! Didn’t hear from either of them until 9:00 the next morning.

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