It has been too long!

Today we did something that I have not done in way too long! I got to ride a horse. It all started when I called a friend of mine who works with a charity called Hearts In Motion. (I was passing down some clothes that Gabi has outgrown.) I brought the clothes to her house, and she happened to be in her barn, saddling up her horses for a ride with her daughter. So we walked down to the barn to say hi and to pet the horses. While there we let both Rachel and Gabi sit up on the horse’s back.
Having nothing better to do, we stuck around to watch them ride. Before long she offered to let me ride too. Unfortunately I was not prepared, and was wearing sandals. Fortunately our feet are the same size, so she let me borrow her hiking boots, so I got to ride for a while. It was GREAT. It has been much too long since I have ridden.

While I was riding Blondie, she and her husband helped Rachel and Gabi take a ride on Honey. They both really liked it! Now I can’t wait to do it again.Link

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