Happy Anniversary

Today marks one week exactly since I came to the hospital to stay. Happy anniversary to me!

Jeff and Rachel came by last night for a visit. I noticed that Rachel was wearing some pants that I didn’t recognize. They were pink denims. Did she acquire them in her travels to the various homes where she has received care this past week? Did Grandma buy her some new pants? Did she make her way to the store, buy the fabric and a pattern and make them herself? I just don’t know. What I do know is that in spite of the fact that I don’t like or wear pink, Rachel is not afflicted with my aversion. She was very content in her pink jeans.

Rachel climbed (or was rather lifted) onto my bed where we enjoyed some play time. Shockingly the first thing she found was my cell phone.

Looks like the phone is for me.
I love my hugs from Rachel.

Typically they bring me my dinner at around 5:30 p.m., and breakfast at around 8:30 a.m. How’s your math? According to my math that is 15 hours between those two meals. That is a long time. Usually I’m pretty hungry when I wake up. So yesterday when the hospitality lady (who brings my food) asked me if I wanted a snack for that evening (the nurse must have given her the heads up that I’ve been kind of starving to death in the morning) I gratefully accepted. So I had a late night snack last night of a turkey sandwich and some Baked Lays. I thought that was pretty nice of her.

My doctor came to see me this morning, and she said it seems like I’m holding my own pretty well. She ordered another ultrasound to see how things are looking on the inside. I think the ultrasound will be a weekly event. So far there are three weekly events. 1. Every Sunday I get weighed. 2. Every Wednesday I get a shot (that stinking hurts a lot!). 3. Every Friday (I think) I get an ultrasound. These are just the things that keep time moving along.

So I went to the office of the high risk pregnancy specialist (which is connected to the hospital) for another ultrasound. The area that looked like a bleed she said was a lake (something like that) and basically normal. Baby Gaby looks fine, and everything seems okay. So that’s good news. All in all, today has been pretty good.

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  1. As I have been searching for clothes for Rachel to wear and doing laundry, so many of them have been too small, I discovered the pink jeans and thought, these are perfect! I can’t remember where I found them though. Maybe on top of the dresser or on the bed or in the laundry….who knows? I just put them in her drawer for the perfect moment to wear. I want to hear more about the lake. Is it a concern? Oh yeah, I also gave the nurse a heads up about feeding you a snack in the evening. I told them you were too nice to ask for it.

  2. Noelle, you seem like you are in very good spirits! I’m so happy. I know how a hospital room can get to you. Rachel looks as cute as ever. I’m not kidding, she is completely adorable! And, the pink pants are cute. You need to get used to pink Little Missy! 2 girls, there is going to be pink!

  3. Patsy,
    Now that you mention it, I think I vaguely remember those pants.

    Thanks for looking out for me in the snacks department.

    I’ll ask my doctor tomorrow about the lake.

    Rachel is already showing me that pink is a great color for her. Don’t worry, I won’t get in her way.

  4. Hi Noelle, I was blogstocking various people and ran across your blog. I had to read all your posts about bedrest and hospital arrest 🙂 man alive you are going through a lot! I had no idea! Bless your hearts, you all are in my prayers. If you guys need anything, just track me down and we’ll make it happen 🙂

    I love the baby’s name, it is beautiful. And Rachel is a doll, I can’t beleive how big she is since I last saw her (which was admittedly a long time ago…)

  5. Hang in there, Noellesky! And tell Gaby to hang in there as well! Here is a hint for those thick and icky progesterone shots in the hip (i have had my share of those)–if there is a certain time they come in, stick a piece of ice on the area for a minute or two to numb it–works well for the pain of the shot, then massage the spot after–keeps it from getting so sore. But you probably already know that. 🙂

    I had the sae aversion to pink as well. But my daughter has her own mind made up on that issue. I put something black or green in frontt of her and something pink and tell her to choose–she always goes for the pink. I cringe, then give in. He does look good in pink, though. 🙂 Do you need anything– a new book, a new magazine?

  6. I’m glad that you are doing (for the the most part) okay. I get pretty worried about you sometimes, but I know that Heavenly Father and other good people are looking out for you. You look really good (all things considered) and Rachel is a cutie! What does your shirt say? I can almost read it, but not quite…

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