I learn something new every day.

Jeff’s sister Tricia and her kids came from Lexington to meet their new little cousin Rose (Brian and Amber’s baby). Since they here they came to visit me too. They brought me a blizzard from Dairy Queen. Mmmmm. Yummy! They also covered my walls with artwork, so my walls are much more interesting now. While they were here the nurse put me on the monitors, so they had the chance to hear baby Gaby’s heartbeat. The nurse had tried to get the heartbeat earlier in the evening, but Gaby wasn’t interested. It sounded like she was tap dancing, playing drums, and doing martial arts, but it was impossible to isolate her heartbeat. I guess she wanted to wait and show off for her cousins.

During my ultrasound yesterday, I learned of “Placental Lakes.” It’s nowhere near the Finger Lakes or the Great Lakes, both of which I am familiar with. Placental lakes I wasn’t familiar with. So I googled. (Side note: how long do you think before the verb “to google” gets added to the dictionary?) Everything that I read on the internet indicated that it is a very common occurrence, so much so that it rarely gets mentioned. It is also generally harmless. The only concerns that came up were low birth weight and premature births, which was related to the size and location of the lake. Not that I don’t completely and 100% trust the content of the internet on all matters, especially regarding my health and well-being, but I’m going to ask my doctor for more information when she gets here later today.

So my doctor just came, and I asked her all of my questions. Regarding Noelle Lake (that’s my own personal placental lake), it is not that big, and is not affecting baby Gaby’s growth, so low birth weight at this time is not an issue. So no worries on the lake front.

About everything else, my doctor said that there is nothing new, that we are just proceeding day by day, hour by hour.

Jeff and Rachel came by earlier this afternoon. We had a very nice visit. Typical of Rachel, the visit did get cut short because she was kind of tired, and after about 40 minutes she was tired of being the perfect little angel, but until then she was very good, and played with me on my bed. She said “mama” several times, so that made me happy too.

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  1. What?! You mean the internet doesn’t tell the truth 100% of the time?! Bummer… and to think that all this time I’ve been banking on that!

    Man! I’m sure time seems to drag… I’m glad you’ve had some visitors. We’d be there to annoy you if we could! 🙂

  2. This is what Steve had to say:

    A placental lake is an area of the placenta that is filled with blood and visible on ultrasound. They have practically no bearing on the placental function or baby’s well being. They are very common. Unless extraordinarily large, there is nothing to worry about.


  3. I named mine Noelle Lake. I hear it’s shores are a great place to raise a baby. (Okay that was really funny. I laughed out loud.)

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