Happy Half Birthday Rachel

Yes, that’s right. Today Rachel is 2½. She is getting to be so grown up! Some of her favorite activities these days include reading, helping with the laundry, the dishes, and sweeping/mopping the floor, playing outside in her sandbox or her jungle gym, and “training” Scout. She is a very sweet big sister to Gabi, and Gabi adores her. Okay, I’ll be honest, Rachel isn’t perfect with Gabi, but come on, she’s 2½. One day she is super. She is gentle, she shares, she is wonderful. The next day she is pushing Gabi out of her way. But overall I have to give her her props.

I can certainly see some of me in her behaviors. A couple of my favorites include when I hear her yell “Jeff, I need help.” Gee, I wonder where she heard that one. Hmmm. Another one she pulled on me today: she stuck her index finger out, got a serious look and said “stop.” Yeah, that one is me too. Today I was sitting on the floor reading Rachel a book. Rachel’s head was against my chest. Gabi was climbing on me at the same time, and she accidentally pulled on Rachel’s hair. Rachel seems to have an extremely sensitive head, and Rachel was not happy. She cried, then she held Gabi’s hand and stroked it on her arm (Rachel’s) and said “soft, soft.” I use that one on Rachel all of the time, or at least I used to. She seems to have learned it well.

She really likes counting. Okay, if you consider it to be counting to say “one, four, sick, nine, sick, nine, sick.”

Rachel likes reading a lot. She spent about 20 minutes reading this morning.

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