Long Story

Sit back and enjoy, because this is kind of a long story. Back in 2008 I supported Mitt Romney’s bid for Republican nominee for president. He lost, but as I researched his record and tried to learn as much about him as possible, I started reading a blog called Evangelicals For Mitt. I found it to be very informative. I even “friended” the people who write the blog on Facebook.

The people who write Evangelicals For Mitt attended the Southern Republican Leadership Conference where the worked very hard to promote their candidate (and mine) this past Spring. They handed out pins and piggy banks that say “Elect a President who won’t break the bank! www.EvangelicalsforMitt.org Romney 2012.” I liked the piggy banks, but of course I couldn’t go to the SRLC. Anyway, I contacted one of the writers via Facebook to ask her how I could get my hands on one of the banks. She very kindly sent me a package which arrived yesterday that contained not one but four of the piggy banks, as well as several pins with pro-Romney messages.

I gave one of the piggy banks to Rachel, and another to Gabi. Gabi didn’t care that much, but Rachel loved hers. She had to sleep with it at nap time yesterday. She brought it with her when we went to her Grandma’s house yesterday evening where I cut hers and Jeff’s hair. She brought it with her when we went to Wal-Mart this morning. It’s pink. What else is there more to say?

Yes, I cut Rachel’s hair. I cut off quite a bit. Her hair gets so tangled, and she hates it when I comb or brush her hair, so I decided to make the challenge a bit smaller. I also cut Jeff’s hair. Actually I got my hair cut yesterday too. I took the girls with me because Jeff was at work. That’s the last time I’ll do that for a while. Gabi either sat on my lap or climbed off my lap or climbed back on my lap. Rachel either sat on my lap or sat on the foot rest and bounced. So if my hair doesn’t look perfectly even, Rachel might bear some of the responsibility.

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