Potty Training – Parental Confusion

We went to the library this morning for Story Time. There were a lot of kids (and their moms) there, and the room was pretty crowded. As story time was winding down Rachel asked to use the potty.

First, you need to understand that lately, Rachel asks to use the potty as she is peeing in her diaper. Usually I rush her off to the bathroom and take off her diaper to find it warm and wet. And I’m talking about maybe 30 seconds between when she asks and I get her on the potty. So when she asked I admit I kind of rolled my eyes and thought it would be a wasted trip, and annoying because I had to haul Gabi and the diaper bag out of the room, to the bathroom. In fact I tried to convince her to not go to the potty at all.

Imagine my surprise when I got her to the potty, took off her diaper and it was dry, and sure enough, she pee peed in the potty.

We made it back to Story Time and were able to do the craft (we made frogs). Rachel got a sticker for her trouble, so all was well.

I am finding potty training to be very confusing. Rachel sends so many mixed messages.

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