Lots of Excitement

Remember how yesterday was uneventful? Yeah, not today. And it started early.

My nurse came in at 1:00 a.m. to find out when I had last eaten, because today was to be my follow-up glucose tolerance test. I questioned her about it because I had been told that I was supposed to carb load for a few days prior, and I couldn’t tell that my food had been any different than before. She followed up, and sure enough, the order for my carb load had been lost in translation, so my test has been postponed for a few days while I eat junk food for a few days (with my doctor’s blessing). So at 1:00 a.m. I turned in ESPN to see who won the Syracuse/UConn game. Much to my surprise I saw that they were wrapping up the 5th overtime. Syracuse finally took complete control in the 6th overtime, and won by 10. Not exactly conducive to my getting straight back to sleep! But I did my best.

I had requested Rice Krispies for breakfast, but instead I got oatmeal. I mean, come on, oatmeal? Seriously? I ate oatmeal nearly every day of my life when I was a kid, and I had vowed to not eat oatmeal anymore. I have recently conceded, and I’ll eat the instant oatmeal that has the flavors, like apple and cinnamon, and stuff like that, but this wasn’t that.

I was sitting on the big chair while the nurse’s assistant made my bed. I noticed that a nut (like nuts and bolts) had fallen from the bed. Hopefully the bed won’t collapse while I’m here, but at least if it does it will give me something new to blog about.

Okay, as far as excitement goes, this stuff might be kind of lame, but I get thrills where I can.

Today makes three weeks of uninterrupted hospital stay.

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  1. wow! Noelley! Don't get too excited! Brennan is the same way about oatmeal. And, it has rubbed off on some of the girls. but cinnamon roll oatmeal or maple & brown sugar…he can choke that down!
    I'm glad you are still the happy you! Love you!

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