A Three Hour Tour, I mean test.

Today was my three-hour glucose tolerance test. I thought it was going to be on Monday because I was supposed to carb load for a few days first, but I guess they decided one day of carb loading was enough. So last night at 7:00 my nurse told me I needed to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. I had finished eating supper at 6:00, so that meant I could start the test at 6:00 the next morning. Something to look forward to.

At 6:00 the nurse came in and took a blood sample (after a 12 hour fast), then she gave me a drink called glucola. It is a very sweet orange drink. Not delicious, but not awful. The only problem was that I had to drink so much more than I had for the 1 hour test. It kind of made me feel yucky. That much sugar on an empty stomach is not a good thing. She took another blood sample at 7:00, at 8:00, and at 9:00, at which point I got to eat breakfast. The test was over.

They tested my blood sugar with each of the samples. The nurse told me that it’s okay to fail one of them, but no more. I did fine with the fasting sample, but the 1 hour sample was way too high. The 2 hour sample was just too high by 1, and the 3 hour sample was too high by 4. So I failed my test. (I know, I should have studied harder.) I failed it by so little that I’m certain I would have passed if I were able to get up and chase Rachel around, but such is not the case.

My doctor came to see me, and broke the bad news, but she said that they were going to control it with a restricted diet, then prick my finger 4 times a day (2 hours after meals) to monitor my blood sugar. A nutritionist came in to talk to me about my dietary restrictions. It’s actually not a big difference from what I was doing before, and one difference is actually a good thing in my opinion. Basically my breakfast will be a lot smaller, but I need to have a mid morning snack. My lunch and dinner are essentially the same, but I get a night-time snack too. She said I could split the morning snack and have a little in the afternoon too if I want.

They pricked my finger after lunch today. The nurse told me that anything under 120 is good, and mine was 90, so that’s good. The doctor said that if everything looks fine after 4 or 5 days they will reduce the finger pricks to twice a day.

So nobody can bring me anymore snacks/food.

I don’t usually mention my visitors by name because I’m afraid of inadvertantly leaving somebody out. I’m going to make an exception today. Holly Casós traveled nearly 2,000 miles to see me. She came in the morning and spent a few hours here. She got to be present when the doctor broke the news, and when the nutritionist came. She also cleared out all of the snacks that I had lying around. I guess Jeff and Rachel will enjoy them.

Jeff and Rachel came to see me too this afternoon. Rachel helped me eat my lunch. She drank my orange juice, some of my roll, a little bit of grilled chicken, and a strawberry. Since I’m not around Rachel’s normal wardrobe has changed a lot. I don’t know who got her this outfit, but I suspect it might have been her grandma. She even got new (matching) sneakers. She is looking so grown up. It kind of breaks my heart seeing her grow up so fast, and I am missing it.

Rachel is waving bye-bye to me when it’s time to go home.

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  1. The new outfit, bow, and sneakers are from the best Aunt in the world! AKA ME!! I don’t know about the shoes, they were a bit narrow for her feet, …I still have the reciept if we need to take them back! The clothes were clearance from Toys R Us, and are 24 mo. They are a bit big, but I figure she will grow into them and can wear them a bunch before the weather is permanently warm/hot.

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