Momentous Milestone

I have been a grossly negligent recorder of a very important milestone. Three weeks ago Rachel stood by herself. The date was July 24 (a.k.a. Pioneer Day). I did not record it because I was unable to duplicate the results consistently. I have such a belief in the scientific method that I can’t record an anomaly as if it were a regular occurrence. However, since that first time, Rachel has stood on her own four times. I have witnesses (Andrea, Christina, Jeff, Kristi). So I am ready to call it official. Rachel can stand by herself. She is just an independent little girl, who will only do it when she feels like it, not on command.

So are you ready for another poop story? If not, you may want to skip this part. I warn you, there’s a picture.

Tuesday we were sitting around the dinner table eating dinner. I was in kind of a hurry because I had a rehearsal to get to. Rachel was enjoying her dinner, but at the same time was grunting and straining. I thought, “Hey look, Rachel is pooping.” Then again. And a third time. I told Jeff, “I’m sorry, but this one’s yours. I’ve got to leave pretty soon.”

A minute later I saw something on Rachel’s belly that I did not recognize at first, but upon closer observation, saw that it was very runny poop. I looked kind of like fancy mustard. It actually came out both the front and the back. GROSS!

So we took her into the bathroom, stripped her down in the tub, and hosed her off. I didn’t make Jeff handle it on his own. That would have been a little much!

Well, let’s get that image out of your eyeballs with some cute pictures from yesterday.

Jeff wanted a zoomed in shot of just her head from the infamous picture related to the unpleasant story. She didn’t seem at all bothered by the situation.

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  1. that is so sick (not sick a.k.a. cool) I remember those days! Lyssi went babysitting once and called me in a total panic. The little girl pooped all over the crib and smeared it everywhere, Lyssi put her in the bath and she pooped in there. She didn't know what to do. I went & helped her (gagging ) there whole house smelled like a big fat runny poop pot. NASTY!

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