Momentous Occasion

This is Rachel speaking. You are never going to guess what I just did. I rolled over! It was amazing. It was incredible, I think it was an accident. But that doesn’t matter. They don’t call it serendipity for nothing. So what happened was this. I was doing some casual tummy time on my tummy time surfboard, when Scout came up (as he always does) and was licking my spit-up, or whatever he was doing. Anyway, I was wiggling around, and before you know it, flip, I was on my back. It was the most fantastic experience. And this is all true. If you don’t believe me, just ask my Mom. She witnessed the whole thing. I’ll be available for autographs the rest of the week.

And it snowed over night. That was cool too.

3 Replies to “Momentous Occasion”

  1. Rachel–

    You are AMAZING. Did you know if you roll around over and over again, you can start getting in to all kinds of fun things. (DOn’t tell your mom that I told you that!)

  2. (Campbell Grubbs speaking) Wow Rachel, I was like 8 months old when I finally rolled over (seriously). You are brilliant! Maybe you could give me some other tips, like how to blow razzberries. Your my idol.

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