So last night Rachel started blowing razzberries. I didn’t think much about it (other than it was cute) until this morning when I remembered that it was one of the milestones mentioned in my bible of how to raise a baby (aka “What To Expect The First Year”). I discovered that her ability to spit and slobber is way advanced because some babies do not have this ability until they are five months old or more. Let’s face it, Rachel is a genius!

I joined Rachel in blowing razzberries last night. It was a lot of fun. Some adults have lost this ability. I have not. (This is not supposed to mean that I’m not an adult – I am.) In fact, while Rachel was probably more at ease and relaxed, and even more natural, I at least kept most of my saliva in my mouth (unlike some babies I could mention who had spit bubbles drooling down to their neck).

Rachel also laughed last night. Jeff was the one who succeeded in encouraging this feat, so I can’t share the details, as I am somewhat ignorant of them.

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