More of the same

Dr. Wilson came to see me this morning. Not much new with me, but she just got back from a vacation to Disney World with her family.

I had a one day reprieve. No shots of terbutaline yesterday, but that didn’t last too long. I got another shot this morning. The nurse tried to avoid it, but after 2½ hours on the monitor, and I was having contractions like every four minutes, she finally called the doctor who said to go ahead and give me the shot. When she came in with the shot I jokingly told her she couldn’t come in. That’s when she told me what would happen if the terb stopped working. The next step would be magnesium sulfate, which would be an IV, and I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed for anything any more. So I said go ahead with the shot. I’m cool with that. The contractions stopped pretty much immediately.

Rachel is doing much better. Let’s hear it for modern medicine. (Both for Rachel and for me.) She came to see me last night. (I really needed to see her.) You could see the droopiness in her eyes, but she was mostly okay. She had a couple of moody moments, but overall was pretty good. At one point she wanted a drink, and got a hold of my freshly filled water pitcher. As it poured all over the floor she got kind of upset. But after a little bit she felt better.

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