NICU Reunion and Ice Cream Social

Every year the hospital where Gabi was born has a reunion and ice cream social for NICU graduates. It happened to be today, so we went. (Who can turn down free ice cream?)

It was very nice. They had a couple of inflatable bounce houses. One had a dinosaur theme, and the other had a caterpillar/butterfly theme. The caterpillar one had a tunnel, then a climb up a ladder and a slide. Rachel LOVED it. She loved it so much that when I asked her if she wanted ice cream, she declined telling me she was having so much fun. Gabi wanted to go into the caterpillar tunnel, but she was too scared. She made a move toward it a few times, but each time she changed her mind. Finally I took her in myself. She was not amused. Gabi did have a lot of fun in the other dinosaur bounce house. It was wide open.They also had cupcakes (which is finally what drew Rachel away from the caterpillar bounce house), games, popcorn and water bottles.

The girls came home filthy (covered in melted ice cream) and happy.

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