“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

We went to Costco today. Gabi was riding in the cart, and Rachel was walking. After a while Gabi wanted to get out and walk too. I said she could, but she had to stay close to me. It was going fine until I stopped to pick up something, and Rachel took off running. Gabi, who likes to do everything Rachel does, followed her. I called to them to stop, but they ignored me. I took off after them, but they were in the next aisle. When I got to the next aisle I saw Gabi at the other end, but Rachel was not in sight. So I went to the next aisle, and there she was, and Gabi was there by then too.

I caught up with them, and told them that as a consequence for not listening to me they both had to ride in the cart. Rachel especially was not too happy about that, but after a little while she accepted that it was just going to be that way. After a minute or two, Rachel turned to Gabi and said “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.”

I admit I didn’t realize that Rachel recognizes that Gabi follows her in just about everything. I was surprised that Rachel took all the responsibility. I thought it was sweet.

At bed time tonight, Gabi had something of a melt down. It started when Jeff took off her shoes, but I’m pretty sure it was because she was very tired. After a while she settled down, and was laying face-down on Rachel’s bed listening as I read bed-time stories. Rachel started talking to her gently, trying to help her feel better. She is really very sweet.

But not perfect. Here is her bedroom wall after quiet/nap time.

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  1. I think Gabi may still be upset at me. She refused to come to me at all the next morning.

    I must have really upset her with the shoe thing.

  2. I have cleaned up WAY TOO many walls like that. A fresh coat of paint is the fastest way to remedy the situation.
    Can Rachel come give my girls lessons on accepting fault . .

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