NObama and Jimmy Carter Part 2

Okay. So we’re going to stop all offshore drilling and exploration of oil. Can anyone say gaslines? Can anyone say Jimmy Carter part 2? I knew you could.

Essentially what (n)Obama is doing is saying there was a death due to a tonsilectomy… we will do no more tonsilectomies, we will hire no more doctors to due tonsilectomies.

So where do we go? We have to go international and import our oil… oh, wait, Cap & Tax bill. Not to let a good disaster go unpoliticized even more, he declared the importance of getting this new tax rammed down our throats. Goodbye economy!

It is utterly important to vote the Democrats out. With the Sestak thing in the open now, there is strong evidence for impeachment. The Democrat politicians will not proceed on this, so we must vote them out.

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