Not just another day.

Last night baby Rose came to visit me. She was accompanied by her housekeeper and her valet (I mean her Mom and Dad). I’m hoping that baby Gaby is paying attention to what a newborn baby is supposed to look like. Not too big, not too small.

During halftime of the Louisville/Morehead State basketball game we went for a walk. We went outside, but it was a little chilly, so we didn’t stay out for long. Still, it was nice to get out for a while. As always Rachel enjoyed the ride.

On our way back in we got one of the nurses to take a family portrait. This picture is probably not worthy of framing and hanging over the fireplace, but it is certainly blog-worthy.

So I finished my dinner at around 6:00 last night, and thus began my 12 hour fast before taking the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I took advantage of my three day carb load before the test by eating some girl scout cookies (thin mints and do-si-dos), and drinking the rest of my chocolate milk that Holly brought me. I figured I might as well indulge while I had permission. The blood-letting, I mean the test, began at 6:00 this morning. They took a blood sample of my “fasting blood,” then gave me another large and delicious cup of orange glucola. (How is it possible that that glucola has not gained the same popularity as other soft drinks?) They then took blood samples every hour for three hours. And guess what. I passed. (Woo hoo!) With flying colors. In fact my blood sugar was too low with the third hour test. (It’s not supposed to be below 70 and mine was 59.) You are actually allowed to fail one of the blood sugar tests, but I passed all four easily. So bring on the Wendy’s Frosties, bring on the Dairy Queen Blizzards, bring on the girl scout cookies. I am now eating for two without guilt. Actually I’m kind of kidding. I still want to eat healthy, but it’s nice to know I can indulge in the occasional unhealthy snack. (I wasn’t kidding about the Frosty, the Blizzard or the cookies. They are welcome – occasionally.)

So the lesson learned here is if you are supposed to take the three hour glucose tolerance test, definitely carb load for three days beforehand.

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  1. Congratulations on passing! I had gestational diabetes and personally I would not recommend it. Yes the fun of stabbing yourself in sensitive fingers is hard to top but it really gets old after awhile.
    I am not sure how Glucola has not gained a cult following. Nothing like pure sugar hitting your stomach after 12 hours of not eating. Wow I nearly want more kids now……NOT REALLY!! I will try and bring you some treats and now I don’t have to figure out how to fit a Frosty into my pocket!

  2. Good call on the Gryffindor shirt- righteous in so many ways 🙂 Glad to hear you passed the test, I can’t imagine having to deal with all that on top of everything else you’re enduring. Baby Rose is cute 🙂

  3. Glad you passed. I have someone around here with diabetes and it’s no fun. He probably wished he could have some girl scout cookies sometimes. I am glad you get some well deserved treats once in awhile. And, that they can bring you ice cream!

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