Nothing new today

Nothing new to share today. I’ll just tell a quick story about Rachel. Yesterday afternoon Rachel came to see me along with her Grandma. We went for a stroll. It was rainy outside, so we just walked around on this floor. As we were about done (especially Rachel) we stopped at the nurse’s station so that I could ask a question of one of the nurses. While we were there Rachel chatted it up with the nurses. She is getting to be so talkative. It used to be that when she was on the phone with nobody she would talk a lot, but when there was actually a person on the line she would just smile and wave. That doesn’t seem to be true anymore. Now she has a lot to say. Not that I understand any of it, but that doesn’t stop her. I guess that is what they mean when kids say that their parents just don’t understand them.

I’m doing well, baby Gaby is doing well.

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