5 Weeks

Jeff has some good news. His dad is taking him to Indianapolis to see the Louisville/Arizona game. Now Louisville just has to win and that will make his day even better. I’m really glad he gets to go. Jeff loves basketball, and he is a big U of L fan. He has really taken on a lot lately, and I am glad he is getting a well-deserved break.

Jeff was over last night without Rachel. He has been trying for a while now to feel baby Gaby kick, but it seems that whenever he is around she is sleeping, or at least she is not active. This morning I was on the monitor, and baby Gaby was extremely active. I really wanted Jeff to be here then, because there was no problem at all feeling her kick. She was going crazy. In fact the nurse had to keep coming back in to find her again with the monitor because she was swimming laps in there.

Today makes 5 weeks that I have been in the hospital uninterrupted. No news at this time, but stay tuned because on Monday I will have some tests, and then I’ll have news. I don’t know what it will be, but it will definitely be something.

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