Now that I’m 1 . . . (an essay by Rachel)

It’s good to be 1. There was so much I was missing out on when I was a baby (a few of days ago). So here are a few things that I found to be advantageous about being 1 year old.

First of all, I get to turn my car seat around so I can face front. Do you have any idea how boring it is to only be able to see where you’ve been? Trust me, it’s boring. I feel like I was just living in the past. Now that I face forward I feel more in control of my future.

Secondly, I can eat berries. You are probably asking yourself what on earth berries have to do with being 1. Honestly, I don’t know myself. But back when I was a baby my doctor told my mommy that I couldn’t have berries until I was 1. Mommy is such a stickler for rules! When she was a little kid I’ll bet she broke rules all of the time, but now that she’s grown up, it’s rules, rules, rules. Anyway, berries are great. Strawberries, blackberries, all kinds of deliciousness that I was missing out on.

Thirdly, I am drinking cows milk instead of formula. Actually, I quite liked formula, but my mommy was always complaining how expensive it is. (Like that’s my problem!) I took a day or so to get used to cows milk. My mommy (the genius) mixed it with my formula at first, but now I just drink it straight up. (Actually mommy got the idea of mixing formula with milk from Holly, but it is just like her to try to take all the credit herself.) Now if she’ll just let me have some of that chocolate milk. I’m pretty sure she is holding out on me on that one.

Finally, I don’t have to learn a new number for a whole year. Back when I was a baby my age changed every single month. That was a lot to keep up with. But now I am 1 for a whole year. I don’t know what comes after 1, but who cares. I have a whole year to figure it out.

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  1. Rachie, you sure are articulate for such a small girl! I’m glad you are turned in the car so you can see the world! A whole new world, a brand new place inside of you. from way up here, it’s crystal clear, now I’m in a whole new world with you! (I guess I won’t sing the whole song!)
    Love you Rache

  2. Rachel! happy Birthday! Next time I visit, I promise to add a little bit of Nesquik to your milk–I’ll keep your mom distracted–she’ll never know. I’d give you peanut butter, too, but I promised your mom I wouldn’t. And I do keep my word. . .

  3. Ha, ha. Rules schmools! I’ve got news for ya, Girlie… yo’ mama still breaks the rules! Oh yeah! and speaking of missing out… I’m not quite sure what you mean. I seem to recall you ate Salt Water Taffy and Doughnuts long before that magical 1st birthday! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Rachel. This is your Aunt Holly, not the one who said she is going to sneak Nesquick into your milk. I’m willing to conspire, but I don’t know the other Holly, or when she is coming to visit. Enjoy the world of being 1.

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