Odds and Ends

This morning at about 3:30 I woke up with a little girl standing next to my bed. Normally we put up a baby gate in Rachel’s doorway, but she fell asleep without it last night, so we didn’t bother putting it up. Anyway, she woke up and came downstairs to our room. I let her climb in bed with us and sleep there the rest of the night. I haven’t slept with Rachel since she was just a little baby. These days if she is in bed with us, she is the biggest wiggle-bug, and won’t sleep, but she fell asleep quickly, and slept great until morning. Truth be told, I enjoyed having her to cuddle with.

On Friday we had a plumbing emergency. I was giving the girls a bath in the morning, and when I went to turn off the water, it wouldn’t turn off. I turned off the water supply to the house and called the plumber. They came pretty quickly, and replaced the cartridge (whatever that is) in the faucet, so now we are all better. It was pretty crazy, though. Ah, the joys of home ownership!

We primarily celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday. We went out to lunch (to avoid the dinner rush). We had $30 worth of gift cards to O’Charley’s. My meal was great, but Jeff’s had some problems. First he sent back his steak because he asked for it to be medium, but it was served rare. When they brought it back, it was still pretty rare, so he sent it back again. When it came out the second time the steak was fine, but the manager, who brought out the steak, saw that his fish was also not cooked completely. Anyway, to make it better, they comped Jeff’s meal, plus they gave us another $20 in gift cards. After all was said and done, both our meals were good, plus we get another basically free trip to O’Charley’s. Not bad!

Sorry I don’t have any cute pictures to post at this time. I’ll make it up to you soon!

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