Oh no! Say it ain’t so!

Rachel is climbing the stairs now. Now what am I supposed to do? Tuesday night I was at rehearsal for POKY and Jeff was taking care of Rachel, so he saw it first and took some pictures. Since then I saw her do it too tonight, so it is really true.

The good news (so far) is that she only goes for the stairs when we are in the lowest level of the house. We only have one baby gate, and I have been using to guard against falling down the stairs. She has not tried to go upstairs when we are on the middle level, the only level where there is access to two stairways.

2 Replies to “Oh no! Say it ain’t so!”

  1. It will never be the same! going up is fine, teach her early how to slide down on her belly. It will save a lot of bumps and agony! those stairs are a scary business!

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